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Gorgeous New Products From Santoro

November 13, 2012

We are just loving all the new products from Santoro and it seems our customers like them too!!  We started off with a small sample of Santoro Gorjuss and Santoro Eclectic gifts, but they’ve been so popular over the last few months, that we have increased our selection. 

Just in are these cute Santoro Gorjuss Ruby Nest of Tins and these Santoro Gorjuss I Found My Family In A Book Accessory Case.  There are other  designs available in both of these products and loads of other Santoro goodies online at Hampton Blue.

Santoro Gorjuss Ruby Nest of 4 Tins, £12.99

Santoro Gorjuss Ruby Nest of 4 Tins, £12.99


Santoro Gorjuss I Found My Family In A Book Accessory Case, £7.99

Santoro Gorjuss I Found My Family In A Book Accessory Case, £7.99


Gift Ideas For Teachers

June 15, 2011

Well the end of the school term is fast approaching here in Northern Ireland and so if you need some ideas for teacher’s gifts, then look no further.

We’ve got these lovely fairtrade sari journals, ranging in price from £3.95-£8.95 and available in blue, pink, red and purple.  Also, why not treat the teachers to one of these cute Disaster Designs compact mirrors.  There are 3 designs to choose from and are priced at £8.50.  Each one is supplied with a little card envelope with a matching design. 


Sparkly stocking fillers

December 15, 2010

It’s great to get a big Christmas gift, something you’ve been wanting all year, but it’s equally fun to have lots of little things to open. Here are a few of our favourites.

This gorgeous Lisbeth Dahl silver purse is embellished with stripes of silver sequins and glass beads on the front and glass beads on the back. It has a zip fastening and is lined with silver fabric and would be equally appreciated by tweens, teens or (alleged) grown-ups.

This embroidered butterfly heart mirror is one of those things that are so handy to have in your handbag, but which you probably never remember to buy for yourself.

This beautiful clear glass tealight holder with a metal handle with silver and clear bead detail is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for adding a bit of atmosphere to Christmas evenings.

Secret Santa gift ideas

December 6, 2010

The Secret Santa seems to be an office staple these days. No longer working in an office, I manage to avoid it, but my husband’s been asking me for Secret Santa tips and so I’ve picked out a few gifts, all costing under £10.

Metal Heart Wine Charms setThis set of 6 metal heart wine charms comes in a gift box and costs just £6.50. Use these on the stem of your wine glasses to add a little sparkle, but on a more practical note so that your guests can easily distinguish their glass from someone elses.

Lisbeth Dahl manicure setFor £9.50, how about this Lisbeth Dahl Manicure Set? The hard case is covered with a gorgeous ‘antique silver’ glitter fabric and is lined with pink suedette, while the set includes scissors, clippers, nail file, tweezers, cuticle pusher and cuticle clippers. It costs £9.50.

Boxed Corkscrew And Wine Stopper SetIf you’re unlucky enough to have picked the person who has everything, you could do a lot worse than this Boxed Corkscrew And Wine Stopper Set. The gift box contains an elegant silver corkscrew and wine stopper and it costs £8.50. Bargain.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a gratitude journal

November 23, 2010

I love the concept of Thanksgiving – what could be better than a holiday that’s about gratitude? In fact, if we were going to suddenly become obsessed with a popular American holiday, I wish we’d gone for Thanksgiving rather than Halloween.

I read once that the most important thing you can do for emotional wellbeing is to practice what Oprah Winfrey calls the “gratitude attitude”. In other words, appreciate what you’ve got. Not just material possessions, but things like health, family or a the ability to look out of your window and see Jupiter (which I’ve been able to do for a few weeks now).

This handmade leather journal seems like the perfect place to keep track of the small wonders in your life. And maybe you could also jot down a recipe for Pumpkin Pie – I’ve heard it’s delicious.

Warm up winter with a collection of candles

November 3, 2010

The leaves are falling off the trees (“Spring is on its way!” my 6-year-old said yesterday. Well, yeah. But don’t hold your breath.), the nights are drawing in and, if the weather reports are accurate, a long, hard winter is ahead.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, because the best thing about winter is snuggling up indoors with trashy TV, Bailey’s Irish Cream and candles. Lots of candles.

The other great thing about winter is, of course, Christmas and this spice candle in a tin with wooden heart on lid is perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit (if the Bailey’s hasn’t got you there already).

Candles also make great gifts and this Cup Cake candle is my favourite. The candle is cute and the box is inscribed with the words “Live life in the moment and make it so beautiful that it is worth remembering”. Just the thing to take you through to spring. It’s on its way, you know.

Wrap up warm for Bonfire Night

October 4, 2010

Lisbeth Dahl Grey Knitted Scarf

I was in a pound shop at the weekend (yes, I’m very glamorous) and I was amazed at the array of Halloween items for sale. Costumes, fairy lights, garden ornaments – there was practically an entire aisle. My 6-year-old got very excited. I did not.

For me, this time of year is all about Bonfire Night. I’m pretty grumpy about fireworks – I’ve read too many stories of the injuries they’ve caused to completely relax about them – but I love a bonfire. Wrapping up in a scarf, hat and gloves. Eating just-baked potatoes straight from the foil. Seeing people’s faces lit up by the firelight. Just the thought of the crackling and flickering makes me feel a bit giddy.

What about you? Are you happy about Halloween or bonkers about Bonfire Night? (Sorry.) Tell us in the comments.

Great gift: wooden address book

September 29, 2010

Almost every Christmas, my aunty buys me an address book (the years when she doesn’t buy me an address book, she buys me a birthday book) and yet I do not have an address book. I always – always – lose them. I don’t know how, I don’t know where they go, but I’ve never been able to keep hold of one for more than a couple of weeks.

Which is why I think this wooden address book from East of India would make a great gift. It’s small and unobtrusive and yet, being made of wood, it’s solid enough to keep track of. Plus it’s really cute.

Fair trade stationery for that back-to-school feeling

September 6, 2010

This time of year always gives me that back-to-school feeling even though I haven’t gone back to school in September for *cough* 20+ years…

And when I think about this time of year, I want to buy stationery. I love these sari notebooks by Paper High. They come in various colours and sizes and they’re fair trade.

Also by Paper High – and also fair trade – are these stitched leather journals with 125 pages of handmade paper. That’s enough to last you to the end of the school year. Whether you go to school or not!

Quick Ideas for Last minute Gifts for Teacher

July 19, 2010

If you need to rustle up something FAST for your child’s teacher, here are some great ideas.

  1. Handmade is good. Start by getting your child to draw a card … or, even faster, stick a drawing they have done already onto a folded card.
  2. Instant Stressball. If you have a teacher with a sense of humour, or one who is looking a little frayed come term end, make a instant stressball. Your child will love this, and all you need to do it fill a balloon with flour and knot it tightly. While filling, use a funnel and knead the neck of the balloon to get the flour to go through.
  3. Chocolate, flowers, toiletries and alcohol were all in the top gifts that teachers appreciated, according to a survey. So, don’t worry if all you can squeeze in is a quick trip to the supermarket.

And if you have a little more time, there are plenty of fabulous ideas for affordable gifts for teachers at Hampton Blue.