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In the Press!

October 11, 2012

We would just like to take this opporunity to thank some of the national and local magazines and papers who have very kindly featured some of our products in their publications recently.  This kind of press coverage for a small, family run business like Hampton Blue is just priceless.

October’s issue of Prima magazine very kindly featured 0ur Wild and Wolf  Travel Card holder  in their Travel Notes Section. 

Wild and Wolf Travel Card Holder

Travel Card Holder, £6.95

Essentials Magazine have also liked our new products and they featured our Disaster Designs Bon Voyage Wash Bag in their September issue.  The whole Bon Voyage range, which includes a satchel, purses, make up bags and a mini bag, seems to be going down a storm with our customers.  Check out the rest of the products from Disaster Designs on our website. 

Disaster Designs Bon Voyage Wash Bag


Valentine’s Day? Be a scarlet woman!

February 14, 2011

So you didn’t get any Valentine’s love? No cards, no flowers, no chocolates? Me neither. But that’s okay, because I don’t believe in it anyway (and my 6-year-old called me “the adorablest” this morning).

But you don’t need other people (even 6-year-olds) to tell you how great you are, you can simply tell yourself. Or treat yourself to a gorgeous gift, like this Claret Red Silk Brooch Purse by Nadia Minkoff.

Beautiful new Lisbeth Dahl purse

September 1, 2010

Typical. Once I start writing about the inevitable early arrival of autumn, the sun comes out. Not that I’m complaining. Although I am rather looking forward to adding this new Lisbeth Dahl Purple Knitted Purse to my autumn wardrobe.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I was worried at first it was a coin purse – which I do find hard to resist, but don’t find to be much use since I need to carry more than coins with me almost everywhere I go – but it’s actually 22 x 12 cms, which makes it almost a clutch and big enough for the essentials.

Fair Trade fairy gifts

August 25, 2010

These fairy gifts are not only adorable, they’re also fair trade.

This tooth fairy pouch is the perfect place to keep your child’s tooth safe while awaiting a magical visit. The attached label reads:

‘Place your tooth in my pocket
I’ll make magic while you sleep.
When you awake from your dreams
there may be a treat you can keep.’

Much better than the bit of loo paper we used when ours lost their teeth!

This ‘Fairy Twinkletoes’ purse features an embroidered fairy with sparkly feet and is the perfect place to keep ‘Fairy Treasures’ (as it says on the zip pull). Either that or the money received from the tooth fairy!

And at just £5 it would make a good party favour too.

Nothing says summer like butterflies

August 18, 2010

Although we haven’t had much in the way of summer weather (yet! I’m still hopeful!), we have had more than our fair share of butterflies. I never get bored of them and thankfully neither do designers.

I love this set of 3 white metal butterfly hooks – a great way to prettify something that’s usually boring. (I also love this Blue Rose Patch Purse and Sequinned Butterfly Purse. Now where’s the sun?

Treat Yourself!

July 7, 2010

If you can see six long weeks coming up where it is all about the kids, take a few moments to treat yourself, even if funds are tight. Check out the Special Offers section from Hampton Blue where you can find scarves, necklaces, purses and more gifts for you and your home from just £1.50.

 Green Flower Purse reduced to just £1.50

Green Flower Purse reduced to just £1.50

I love this cute tiny flower purse, right. It is just the right touch to take on an evening out. It is also available in orange if green’s not your colour and costs just £1.50 so will leave you a few pennies for your night out!

 Blue Butterfly Jewellery Box reduced to £4.50

Blue Butterfly Jewellery Box reduced to £4.50

Or why not treat yourself to a beautiful box to put your jewellery in. This embroidered and beaded silk Butterfly Jewellery Box is reduced to £4.50. It could be for you … but equally might make a great gift for teacher as term ends, or something to take to a girl’s birthday party.

There are lots more items on offer – just click below to explore all the special offers this July from Hampton Blue.

Click here for more great special offers from Hampton Blue

Click here for more great special offers from Hampton Blue

Bobbypin Gifts at Hampton Blue

March 8, 2010

  Bobbypin Daisy Compact=If you’re looking for an unusual gift for women, check out this compact from Bobbypin. Created by Disaster Designs, the Bobbypin Daisy Compact makes a cute accessory for any handbag. Pick daisies in pink and yellow to tie in with spring and summer trends too.

At just £7 it makes a great party gift too.

  Bobbypin Thrift PurseThere’s a matching purse (£8.50) in the same range which makes a cool gift for a girl or anyone looking for a stylish coin purse. With the same style of artwork, this will look great in a student backpack or girlie handbag.

Designer Focus: Lisbeth Dahl

March 3, 2010
  Lisbeth Dahl Grey/Coral Scarf

Lisbeth Dahl Grey/Coral scarf

Have you heard of Lisbeth Dahl? If not, read on to find out about the Danish design range and their innovative approach to creating beautiful products. They make ideal Mothers’ Day gifts too so it is doubly worth reading about them this week.

  Lisbeth Dahl Purse With Pearl Pattern

Lisbeth Dahl Purse

The Lisbeth Dahl range is created by a team of designers in Denmark, who say, “Every detail is scrutinised from start to finish.  We take a solemn but yet creative approach to colour, shape and quality, and no product is signed off before everyone is truly satisfied.”

This approach ensures that every detail of the end product is exactly right. At Hampton Blue to can see this in the coral and grey scarf or the beautiful beading on the purse, left. Surprisingly for such a detailed approach, the products are also very affordable, ranging from £8.95-£14.

The team at Lisbeth Dahl aim set their personal mark on every single product in the collection. With confident style and flair for both current and future trends the team delivers products that make gorgeous gifts.

  Lisbeth Dahl Mint Beaded Bracelet With A Coral Rose Stone

Lisbeth Dahl Mint Beaded Bracelet with Coral Stone